With D-Line, whole world tied Innovative communication mode for cost-effectiveness and greater efficiency

Prospect of “D-line” service

irtual telecommunication system is a trend for the future. According to the report “Report on China‘s VoIP Market 2005” released by online market research firm iResearch on July 2005, VoIP users in China will jump to 53,000,000 in 2006, which is 1.5 times the number of the present user. By 2008, it is estimated that the number of users will amount to one hundred million.

Also, AT&T Corp. and the journal “The Economist” have conducted a survey, interviewing 254 senior executives from North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. It revealed that 60% of the subjects are current VoIP users or will install VoIP system very soon. The leading research firm Gartner Dataquest also expects that by the time of 2008, gain from retail sales of VoIP would be greatly increased by 38.6%

Virtual telecommunication system will be necessity in the future. Now PowerTech would like to offer you this service in a reasonable price. Once joining our service, subscribers can choose among different brands of Internet phone and VoIP system.

What is “D-line”?

Cost effectiveness is a main factor in running business and sustaining growth. Nowadays the effects of globalization dominate the world progress of 21st century and business interaction among the countries is getting stronger and closer, which makes telecommunication fee accounts for a major part of operation cost.

Regarding to such heavy demand on telecommunication, PowerTech cordially provides you with “D-line” virtual communication service, equipped with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), enable you to make unlimited worldwide calls in a bargain price.

The advantages of “D-line” service

Keep designated phone number and make calls worldwide

• With current phone number, you can use any fixed phone in designated countries and territories. No need to apply for a new number every time when you are in other countries;

Cut cost more than 80%

• A fixed monthly payment instead of toll-charged, making budget control possible;

Service covering more than 30 countries and areas

• Can be used in more than 30 countries in the world, including PRC, Japan, United States, Britain and Germany;

• Our company will continue to extend our service to all over the world, and to establish a “no boundaries” network environment for our clients.

Supreme quality

• High quality of virtual telecommunication system, stable frequency and clarity guaranteed; Unlimited 24-hour usage;

Wholesale and retail distribution

• PowerTech wholesales products of different telecommunication system and Internet phone providers. We have a team of specialists which like to help the providers to promote and distribute their products and give professional advice to you;

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