The advantages of "D-line" service
  • With current phone number, you can use any fixed phone in designated countries and territories. No need to apply for a new number every time when you are in other countries;
  • You can make calls to any phone numbers in designated countries and territories even if they are not equipped with VoIP system. By calling the branches of your company in those designated areas first, through the system you can then make local calls to the designated areas where your branches situated.
  • "D-line" service offers you internet phone service, exempt from IDD connection charges;
  • Save up to 80% of your current monthly fee on IDD;
  • A fixed monthly payment instead of toll-charged, making budget control possible;
  • "D-line" system enables you to connect directly to existing phones, key system (KTS), PSTN lines or PABX for greater connectivity without the need of adding new devices.
  • Can be used in more than 30 countries in the world, including PRC, Japan, United States, Britain and Germany;
  • Our company will continue to extend our service to all over the world, and to establish a "no boundaries" network environment for our clients.
  • High quality of virtual telecommunication system, stable frequency and clarity guaranteed;
  • Unlimited 24-hour usage;
  • Different brands of internet phone to choose;
  • Easy to operate; give you high degree of adjustability to ever-changing market environment.
  • PowerTech wholesales products of different telecommunication system and internet phone providers. We have a team of specialists which like to help the providers to promote and distribute their products and give professional advice to you;
  • Welcome for individuals and companies to subscribe to "D-line" service. We will provide you with a wide range of tailor-made support according to your needs, and do our best to serve you to let you experience the high technology.
  • PowerTech have its IT engineering team having years of related experience, we deliver integrated IT solutions and provide technological support for modern offices, such as installation, repairing, maintenance and upgrading services;
  • We have a center of system monitoring to ensure systems are constantly optimized and to prevent system malfunction, thus saving the cost to establish a technical support team for their own.
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