If you miss an important phone call from a client as a result of a poor telephone system, how much losses will incur upon your business? Can you afford this happen in a fiercely competitive market today?

At PowerTech we understand how crucial it is for a company to be in constant links with its clients, we strive to provide integrated voice communication solutions with the featuring of many different reliable brands of telephone systems in the market and a great emphasis on comprehensive customer service.

Tailoring for the specific communication needs of different customers, PowerTech is able to offer Keyline Telephone System (KTS) specially designed for SMEs and Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) for larger corporations. The telephone systems provided by PowerTech whose fine designs and distinctive functions are user-friendly and flexible. Value-added peripherals such as Call Accounting System (CAS), Voice Mail system (VMS), Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS) and Video Conferencing can be easily added to the existing systems. Taking care of all related installation and maintenance work, PowerTech builds you a strong bridge for voice communications on which unlimited business potential can be created.

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