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The factories and offices of Mr. Kwok’s garment company situated in Beijing, Shanghai, Dong Guan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Malaysia and the Philippines, has more than thirty thousands employees in total. Everyday, supervisors from these offices have to make many phone calls to Hong Kong main office, but some of the offices situated at some region yet without the long-distance-call service opened up, and this makes the telecommunication fee very expensive. This fee made up of a large portion in running his company. What is more, each office has it own telephone number, which increase inconvenience to his employee having to make calls to these offices during business trip.

We installed a VOIP system for Mr. Kwok's company, so that his staff can use internet phone. By giving fixed monthly payment, Mr. Kwok's company can use the internet phone during 24 hours. At the same time, Mr. Kwok's telephone number of his company can be shared by his overseas offices too, providing that his offices are in the regions that our service covered. It means he needs not to apply for another telephone number for his overseas offices.

We helped Mr. Kwok's company saving for more than 80% of current monthly fee on IDD. And by using PowerTech's VOIP system, all the offices of Mr. Kwok's company can share one telephone number. The convenience makes the contacts among his offices more frequently and closely , so as to enhance the efficiency and productivity for his company.

As Powertech's VOIP system covers more than 30 countries, including Britain, Germany and Japan, Mr. Kwok has planned to install VOIP system for his new offices in Japan and Britain too.

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