Successful cases of
IDD 1591 Calling Service

Miss Tse, an operation manager of a big apparel merchandising company. In order to cope with the great demand from fashion retailers, she has sent many staff to mainland China, Asia and Europe to buy trendy clothes and accessories. The fee of telecommunication during their business trips has made up a large part of the traveling expenses, amounts to 20% to 30%. Miss Tse asked for our professional help to save the traveling expenses on her staff's business trips.

In analyzing clients' condition of the businness trips and quantity of usage of phone calls, we specially designed a special price package for Miss Tse. By choosing our IDD1591 direct call and long distance call service, Miss Tse can get a special discount during non- peak hours. Even during peak hours, the phone fee is still low. The telecommunication network of IDD 1591 covers a lot of regions, with stable frequency and guaranteed clarity of voice.

Since Miss Tse has chosen our IDD1591 service, the expenditure for long distance calls has been reduced by 30% to 60%, cutting a lot of staff traveling expenses, thus saving money for company operation.

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