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1995 inception, has been committed to the size of enterprises of different sizes, providing a full range of quality telecommunications services and related products.

Equipment from the initial provision of voice services, eminent position as Hong Kong is first telecommunications service providers and Services-Based-Operator (SBO). Thanks to a team of professional engineers and customer support. PowerTech is committed to providing a wide range of business partners, local / international long-distance telephone and Internet services. As information and communication technologies is developing rapidly, we are actively promoting the transformation of digital communications, providing customers with advanced and high quality service.

Mission Statement

With the world fast becoming a globalized entity, PowerTech firmly believes that telecommunications play a key role in the success of many large and small-sized enterprises. PowerTech is committed to building a future of communication that is "from Hong Kong, with the mainland and extend to the rest of the world", through the recruitment of first-rate teams of telecommunication professionals; state-of-the-art technology; understanding of customers' communication needs and the provision of highly customer-led services.

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