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Mr. Leung is the managing director of a big travel agency, which have 2000 extension lines handling customers' enquiries, such that asking for the information about the location of branches, office opening hours, the information sheets through facsimile, and also diverting phone lines to other departments and so on. The heavy demand on customers' enquiries makes Mr. Leung to employ 20 to 30 people to handle telephone enquiries, and increase workload to the administration staff for recruitment.

With too many employees, the company's frame becomes complicated accordingly, and the expenditure on IDD becomes large. So Mr. Leung asked for PowetTech professional help to simplify the telephone network of his company.

Realizing Mr. Leung's company needs to deal with a lot of enquiries from his clients, the usage and the constant expenditure on phone calls over the operation of his company, we decided to build up the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR System) and Call Center for handling of inbound calls, so that all enquiries could be answered shortly. Once the phone line connected, the automatic answering system could instantly show the clients' records, and save the staff from checking the customer's information.

Moreover, the automatic answering system can handle the enquiry on such as the office hours, branches call number and address: Clients only need to follow the instruction for to get the information. The system could also be correctly recorded the clients' enquiries and separate the flow of inquiry calls equally. Therefore, the travel agency need not to employ too many telephone operators, still can handle calls from the customers, increase the quality of customer service and handle much more calls than before.

As to dealing with the high quantity of outbound call, we built up the Call Accounting System to help Mr. Leung to have a profile on the calls of his company, and also keep these records in the database, so that the management level could realize the working situation for every employee, and save money on telephone expenditure.

IVR System and Call Center provides Mr. Leung's travel agency an automatic answering system of supreme quality. The system not only copes with the large amount of inquiry calls within a short time, but also cuts off over 10% manpower, so as to simplify the frame and eases the administrative tension. The Call Accounting System could also be greatly reduced over 50% of currently IDD fee for the company.

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